About The Teaching Tools. Welcome to the New Generation of Teacher Stamps

Connect. Empower. Grow.

The Teaching Tools is an online educational stamp and stationery home for passion-led early childhood educators who desire to bring an uplifting, positive and empowering feeling to the student’s learning journey that they have the honour to be part of. 

The Teaching Tools was created by Dee - a Sydney based teacher who has been an educator for over ten years. Dee strongly believes that educators make such an important footprint on the lives of our future generations and shifting the way we present feedback is the main inspiration for starting The Teaching Tools. She truly believes there is a new method of teaching which is to bring an uplifting, positive and empowering feeling to our student's learning journey.  

This is the reason why when it comes to creating and designing any of the products you find here, whether it’s a stamp, stationery or anything other teaching tools, there is one firm belief that she wanted to ensure all her products deliver. That is that they are intentionally and specially created to connect, empower and grow young resilient minds of our future generations. 

The Teaching Tools strongly believes in:

Celebrating Creativity
Embracing Diversity
To Sprinkle Kindness
A Mindset that Embraces Growth
Designing for Productivity
Bettering the World

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