About The Teaching Tools. Welcome to the New Generation of Teacher Stamps

Inspire. Learn. Grow.

The Teaching Tools is a one stop teacher shop created by Dee - a Sydney based teacher who has been an educator for over ten years.

Dee was inspired to create The Teaching Tools simply for her love of providing positive and encouraging feedback to her students which acknowledged their effort and progress whilst reinforcing positive mindsets in the classroom. 

The goal was to create something truly unique and modern which was accessible to all educators. The Teaching Tools creates premium quality teacher stamps which are progressive, innovative and useful. 

With the right tools in your teacher toolbox, students will be inspired to learn and grow. They will continue to encourage creativity, enhance student productivity and make for an overall delightful learning experience. 

Dee was also at the forefront of online learning when she was the first to create Digital Stamps for remote learning which was created to support educators and shift the way they taught online. 

The Teaching Tools stamps have now been used by over 60,000 educators both in Australia and around the world. These custom teacher stamps have also been a favourite for schools and their staff.

Now expanding into stationery and more, The Teaching Tools has become a trusted favourite for special and unique teacher's resources.