Teaching tools for the modern educator.

At The Teaching Tools, our mission is simple: to empower and grow young resilient minds today, so tomorrow they change-make our world. 

Founded by Dee in 2019, a dedicated early childhood educator and growth mindset advocate, we exist for teachers just like you, who seek modern teaching tools that are not only intentionally designed but are inclusive, backed by research and plant seeds to cultivate growth into classrooms. 

Why positive feedback, you ask? 

Because the power of our words in the delivery of feedback is nothing short of extraordinary. When we use feedback in a positive, meaningful way, young minds become confident and curious learners, and we are able to create building blocks to foster inspired self-regulated learning and growth. 

Whether it be through our stationery, lanyards to our beloved stamps and whether your classroom is located in Australia, London or Dubai, our ethos remains to be the same: to create impact ripples in our world, by empowering young resilient minds from the classroom and beyond.

And everything we do, is underpinned by these core values we have: 

  • Celebrating creativity: Creativity has the power to change the world. And it’s for this reason we celebrate artists and creators in our collaborations to create tools that are unique, engaging and beautiful
  • Embracing Diversity: Tools that ensure every child feels understood, appreciated and celebrated for their uniqueness.
  • Sprinkling Kindness: We believe in bringing joy, sparkling eyes and big smiles into every classroom.
  • Growth Mindset: Where we switch the conversation from “this is wrong” to “what can we learn?” The power of knowing we can all achieve greatness when we believe we can.
  • Designed for Productivity: Because getting time back in your day with tools that work is something we understand.
  • Better Tomorrows for Everyone: Making changes today to ensure a better tomorrow for each and every one of us.  


    Here’s to creating impact ripples, from the classroom and beyond.