The Teaching Tools

Dubay Notepad


From the limited edition Holly Sanders x The Teaching Tools collection.

Artwork: "Dubay" 

Meaning: This artwork presents celebrates the essential role that women have played – and continue to play – as active and significant role models in our community. Uniting as one and connected to our lands and waterways, keeping our Dreaming stories, songlines, language, knowledge and future strong for all First Nations and generations to come. First Nations women are powerful, strong, resourceful, determined- the first women who have walked this land for millennia, and have birthed and nurtured centuries of our people into existence.

All descriptions have been written by Holly Sanders.

This collaboration is a celebration of women: powerful, strong, resourceful and determined. Thousands of generations of women have guided and supported each other on Country since millennia and have birthed and nurtured centuries of people into existence.

The story telling and symbols used in this contemporary art stamp set does not represent all First Nations cultural groups or people, if in doubt always check within your community. 

A portion of profits from this sale will be directly donated to Children's Ground.


  • 75 tear-off sheets
  • Size: 11cm x 17cm
  • Heavyweight 120gsm paper
  • Made with recycled white paper

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